Thursday, 16 April 2015

A Political Fairy Tale

In a broken world
where only lies remain
Where no amount of kindness
can clear that stain
We’re stumbling in the silence
of where sanity is removed
Fighting against the corruption
of “new and improved”
Falsely-promoted promises
of a far better world
Where the cream has soured
and the milk has curdled
Too many lies to justify
such wanton destruction
A decaying eyesore
their best construction
A prettily-painted picture
to bring them further glory
Each delicate brushstroke
carefully hiding the true story
They brainwash the masses
with their political fairy tale
And those of us in the know
fight it, to no avail
But when the zombies wake up
and see the truth, they lose hope
And with a forlorn sigh they say:
‘maybe next time, I’ll just not vote.’

© 16/04/2015.

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