Friday, 31 July 2015

The Enemy Within

I fight myself on a daily basis
It's not that I hate myself, per se;
it’s that I still see all the faces
of all those who went before
who put me on “ignore”
or far, far worse

I am my own worst enemy at times
still listening to invisible demons
If you read between my lines
you’ll see I don’t always vote for freedom
It’s too easy to be overcome
to just succumb
to those dark, sweet whispers

So the battle rages on inside of me
mostly in waking, sometimes more in sleeping
I am unable to set myself free –
maybe temporarily –
until I once more end up weeping
no kind thoughts for safe keeping
just darkness and pain
again and again.

© 30/07/2015.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Today She Died

You would have thought
she’d learnt her lesson by now
all the uncaring fools
who’d gotten a piece of her somehow

Yet first she cried

She was wrong again
his fists said to her
this time he’d make
the pain last forever

She couldn’t survive

And he didn’t stop
even when her screams ceased
pounding out pools of blood
until she was deceased

So today, she died.

© 29/07/2015.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Open your mind
to the possibilities inside
all the wonders and joy
that you like to hide
all those impossible moments
you would never have felt
if you’d just let yourself
stay on that shelf
if you’d never allowed
yourself to feel
all the happy moments
that can be real
you’d still be sitting there
alone and crying
so unhappy
thinking of dying
if you’d never allowed
yourself to believe
that you could let
yourself truly live.

© 21/07/2015.

Friday, 17 July 2015

You Don't Know Me

I am many things
fleeting colours, sounds
sometimes remembered –
I get around
But you don’t know me

My outward face
the never-shifting mask
rarely seen beyond
and few who ask
But you don’t see me

I am darkness
I am pain
but beauty
for those who remain
But not

In blindness
you stumble away
I set you free
You will never

© 17/07/2015.

Monday, 13 July 2015

The Ripper

A drop
a single drop –
red – falls
slowly to the ground
it makes no sound
as it glides
towards the drain
Another joins it
the only testimony
that there was pain
For now
all is silent
bar the rhythmic
drip, drip
of her life that was
flowing away
She died today
with empty words
in her arms
fooled by his
softly-spoken charms
One quick flash of his razor
and she was
no more.

© 13/07/2015.

A Sea Dream

Smells and sounds
fluidity, the ocean
beauty abounds
caught up in the motion
of pure devotion
Caressing my skin
as I let you in
and fall at your feet
to set myself free
For a single moment
I believe.

© 06/07/2015.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Who Are We…

Who are we to judge
Those lining the streets in despair
beggars! druggies! bums!
when all they need is someone to care.

Who are we to damn
the mentally ill who cut and cry
attention seeker! nothing wrong! just sad!
she’s been abandoned and now just wants to die.

Who are we to laugh at
the disabled, however they are
look at him! midget! ugly!
so what if they have lifelong scars.

Who are we to criticise
the poor needing extra handouts
scrounger! lazy! get a job!
his kids now starve ‘cos his benefits were cut.

You don’t know what we’ve been through
how dare you attack our self-esteem
one day you might find yourself there
then you will know what it means!

© 09/07/2015.